Bringing the Excitement of "Big Night In" to Holiday Parks

Client: Boomerang Digital 

Objective: DG Creative Media set out to create an immersive and engaging gameshow concept, inspired by the popular "Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" TV show, tailored for live audiences at holiday parks. The objective was to design and execute a comprehensive entertainment experience, from initial concept development to final product delivery, including logo design, visual production, game testing, and execution.


Concept Development: Drawing inspiration from the energetic format of "Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway," DG Creative Media developed the concept for "Big Night In." The team brainstormed interactive games and challenges designed to entertain and engage live holiday park audiences.

Technical Planning: Detailed technical planning was conducted to ensure seamless execution of the gameshow concept. This involved determining technical requirements, such as audiovisual setup, equipment logistics, and stage layout, to accommodate the live audience experience.

Logo Design and Branding: DG Creative Media crafted a dynamic and visually striking logo for "Big Night In," capturing the essence of the gameshow concept. The logo design reflected the fun and excitement of the show while adhering to brand guidelines established for holiday park audiences.

Visual Production: The visual production process involved creating captivating graphics, animations, and on-screen elements to enhance the audience's engagement during the gameshow. Holding screens, animated overlays, and dynamic transitions were designed to elevate the overall viewing experience.

Game Testing and Production: Each game within the "Big Night In" concept underwent rigorous testing to ensure it was entertaining, interactive, and suitable for live audience participation. Adjustments were made based on feedback and testing results to optimize gameplay and maximize audience enjoyment.

Execution and Product Delivery: Prior to execution, DG Creative Media provided comprehensive training and support to the presenters, equipping them with cue cards, handbooks, and guidelines on how to effectively host and facilitate the games. On the day of the event, the "Big Night In" gameshow was successfully executed, delivering a memorable entertainment experience for holiday park guests.


"Big Night In" proved to be a resounding success, delighting holiday park audiences with its dynamic and interactive gameshow format. The comprehensive approach to concept development, technical planning, branding, visual production, and game testing ensured a seamless execution of the concept from start to finish.

DG Creative Media's dedication to delivering high-quality entertainment experiences, coupled with its attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction, has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of innovative media solutions for the holiday park industry. "Big Night In" continues to captivate audiences and enhance the overall entertainment offerings at holiday parks, leaving a lasting impression on guests and stakeholders alike.


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