Creating a Gameshow Jingle for Jigsaw at Boomerang Digital

Client: Boomerang Digital 

Objective: Boomerang Digital approached DG Media & Events with the exciting task of creating a brand new gameshow jingle for their interactive computer system, Jigsaw. The goal was to develop a memorable and captivating jingle that would be played in numerous venues, holiday parks, and entertainment venues across the UK.

Solution: DG Media & Events worked closely with Boomerang Digital to craft a unique gameshow jingle that would capture the essence of Jigsaw and engage the audience. Our comprehensive solution included creating a brand new gameshow logo, composing, writing, and editing the jingle, developing a visually appealing accompanying visual, and designing a loop-able holding screen.

Gameshow Logo: To establish a strong visual identity for the gameshow, we designed a brand new logo that reflected the energy and excitement of Jigsaw. The logo incorporated vibrant colours, bold typography, and captivating graphics, creating a visually appealing representation of the gameshow.

Gameshow Jingle: Our talented team of composers, writers, and editors collaborated to create a custom gameshow jingle. The jingle was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of excitement, anticipation, and entertainment. We considered the target audience, the tone of the gameshow, and the desired emotional response, ensuring that the jingle perfectly complemented the overall experience of Jigsaw.

Visual for Gameshow Jingle: To enhance the impact of the jingle, we developed a visually captivating accompanying visual that would be displayed during its playback. The visual incorporated dynamic animations, engaging graphics, and synchronised elements, creating a multi-sensory experience that captured the attention of the audience and reinforced the brand identity of Jigsaw.

Loop-able Holding Screen: In addition to the gameshow jingle and visual, we designed a loop-able holding screen that would be displayed on Jigsaw systems in various venues. The holding screen maintained a consistent visual theme with the gameshow logo, creating a cohesive brand experience. This screen not only built anticipation but also served as an attractive branding element when the gameshow jingle was not actively playing.


The collaboration between DG Media & Events and Boomerang Digital resulted in the successful creation of a captivating gameshow jingle for Jigsaw. The brand new gameshow logo served as a visual representation of the gameshow's energy and excitement. The custom jingle, composed, written, and edited by our team, captured the essence of Jigsaw, creating a memorable and engaging auditory experience for the audience.

Furthermore, the visually appealing accompanying visual enhanced the impact of the jingle, creating a synchronised audio-visual experience that further immersed the audience in the gameshow. The loop-able holding screen provided a consistent branding element for Jigsaw and maintained audience engagement when the jingle was not actively playing.

As a result, the gameshow jingle, along with its visual and holding screen, is being played in hundreds of venues, holiday parks, and entertainment venues across the UK. It has successfully contributed to the overall entertainment experience of Jigsaw, capturing the attention of the audience and reinforcing the brand identity.

The collaboration between DG Media & Events and Boomerang Digital has once again showcased our ability to deliver innovative solutions that engage and captivate audiences, further solidifying our position as a leading creative agency in the media and events industry.

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