Lady's Mile Holiday Park - Show Logos

Client: Lady's Mile Holiday Park

Objective: Lady's Mile Holiday Park aimed to refresh their branding and enhance the identity of their entertainment shows. DG Creative Media was tasked with creating new logos for six of their shows to be implemented across various marketing channels, including their app, show productions, and promotional materials such as posters. The goal was to create visually appealing logos that captured the essence of each show and resonated with the park's target audience.


Research and Concept Development: DG Creative Media conducted extensive research into the themes, content, and target demographics of each show. Based on this research, our team developed initial concepts and sketches to explore different design directions for the logos.

Design Iteration and Refinement: Multiple iterations of the logo designs were created, incorporating feedback from Lady's Mile Holiday Park. We focused on refining the visual elements, typography, and color schemes to ensure that each logo effectively communicated the unique identity of its corresponding show while aligning with the park's overall branding guidelines.

Versatility and Adaptability: Special attention was given to ensuring that the logos were versatile and adaptable for use across various marketing channels and materials. The designs were optimized to maintain legibility and impact whether displayed on the park's mobile app, incorporated into show productions, or featured on promotional posters and signage.

Client Collaboration and Approval: Throughout the design process, DG Creative Media maintained open communication and collaboration with Lady's Mile Holiday Park. Regular feedback sessions and revisions were conducted to ensure that the final logos met the client's expectations and effectively represented each show's identity.


The collaboration between Lady's Mile Holiday Park and DG Creative Media resulted in the creation of six visually striking logos that effectively enhanced the branding of the park's entertainment shows. Implemented within the park's marketing channels, including their app, show productions, and promotional materials, the new logos have successfully captured the attention of park visitors and reinforced the identity of each show.

By creating logos that are both visually appealing and aligned with the park's overall branding, DG Creative Media has helped Lady's Mile Holiday Park to elevate its entertainment offerings and strengthen its brand presence. The new show logos have become integral elements of the park's marketing strategy, contributing to increased engagement and attendance at the shows.

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